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Donor Stories

  • Charles H. Newman '63 MBA '70
    Charles H. Newman '63 MBA '70
    "Babson changed my life! I truly am grateful for the chance this College took on me when I left the military. I knew then someday I would give back. Babson helped pay my way in my senior year as I had to stop working due to a severe injury.

    I believe that having the opportunity to attend a school like Babson, along with receiving financial assistance, enabled me to get where I am today. I had a long-standing career with Ford Motor Company after which I formed and operated a global consulting business. Ultimately I authored two books to share what I had learned from my business successes. These endeavors afforded me the ability to pursue other passions such as travel and photography.

    Several years ago, my wife Arlene and I added Babson College as a beneficiary of our estate with the intent to provide endowed scholarship funding. I wanted to make sure that if some other student needed assistance, we could help change his/her life too. Last year, I realized we were in a position to make an outright gift to help a student with need-based scholarship funding now and establish the Charles and Arlene Newman endowed scholarship fund with an outright gift from IRA funds. We are thrilled to have started our named scholarship fund so Babson students can begin to benefit now, and we can get to know them too. In the future, when our bequest is realized to Babson, this funding will continue. Thank you Babson."
  • David Stiller '67
    David Stiller '67
    "My loyalty, appreciation, and gratitude to Babson has grown consistently during the past 50 years. I increasingly realize the profound affect my college education has had on my life and success. We were well prepared for what lay our head: military service, countless business challenges, family, financial investments and planning, etc. I can say that our Class of '67 succeeded and the list of our graduates reads like "Who's Who in America".

    I received a "gift" from Babson, and now was a great time for me to return the favor with appreciation, and become a Babson Legacy Society member. "
  • Kate O'Halloran M'98
    Kate O'Halloran M'98
    "Earning my MBA was the most challenging and rewarding time of my life. I made friends from around the world, became a believer in the synergistic value of teamwork, and gained the skills and confidence that shaped my career -and the rest of my life. I felt that the best way to give back to the community that gave me so much was to make Babson a beneficiary of the life it allowed me to lead. It makes me feel great knowing that my gift will help future students have life-changing experiences as well."
  • Richard F.
    Richard F. "Rich" Torre '72, M'80, P'07, MP'08 with Patricia B. Torre P'07, MP'08
    "A planned gift is a tax-efficient way of giving, but it's also a way for me to give back to an institution that provided a life-changing experience. I've seen the power of Babson's network, first as a student and again as a parent. Making a charitable contribution for the love of the institution was an appropriate thing to do and this gift will allow future alumni to create economic and social value everywhere."
  • Marnie Schulz, friend of Babson
    Marnie Schulz, friend of Babson
    "My late husband Bill Schulz '51 and I chose to support outstanding educational opportunities through a scholarship and an estate gift. I know that our gifts help make a difference in the lives of Babson students, the college as a whole, and, in turn, has a positive impact on the world. I believe that education is the best gift one can give."
  • Dick Power, MBA'65
    Dick Power, MBA'65
    "Babson offered me a supportive educational experience that was tailored to my needs. I want the next generation of business leaders to experience the same remarkable education that I received so I chose to include Babson in my estate plans. It's important to support institutions that do good for society and in my travels, I have seen the impact education can have. Babson contributes to the effectiveness of economies and societies worldwide, and I'm proud to support it."
  • Jack Dewey, '49 MP'80
    Jack Dewey, '49 MP'80
    "I wanted to give back to Babson College for all that they have given me - a sound background in business and a rewarding career. I hope that my bequest gift will play a small role in the school's future success by allowing Babson to continue its legacy of creating entrepreneurial leaders all over the world. I believe that a Babson education will lead to a successful career, no matter where in the world you work."
  • Kathleen Greer '73
    Kathleen Greer '73
    "When I was a student at Babson, I had the good fortune of meeting Dean Paul Staake just at a time when I needed help. I was struggling in school, balancing stress and work life balance, just like many students today. Dean Staake took great care to listen to me and helped me see that I could succeed at school in spite of my problems. He was right! In 1982, nine years after graduating with honors, I founded KGA, a human resources service firm. I am proud to say that as a strong company, we are able to help thousands of employees and family members resolve personal problems through our Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) every single year. In 2017, KGA celebrates its 35th anniversary! In 1996, I decided to make a planned gift to Babson as a token of my appreciation for my education and for the guidance of Dean Staake. Last year, when it was time to update my will, I doubled my pledge. I am sharing my story to encourage you to also make a planned gift to Babson as gratitude for all you've received."
  • John E. McAullife MBA '71
    John E. McAullife MBA '71
    "I welcome the opportunity to support students who are obtaining the necessary quality training which assists their path towards reaching full potential. The choice of Babson, as provider of the tools for future success, is both logical and, for me, an obvious conclusion. Babson students shall include some of our future captains of industry, government, and the influence leaders for our future. My personal (Babson) experience, strongly, and positively, affected my approach to resolving issues, solving problems, and analysis. It created an environment where I learned to be concerned but not fearful of the unknown, to approach obstacles more effectively and, readily respect others as valuable resources from whom I always could learn. I credit Babson with aiding my entry into one of the most successful corporations in the world. While valued there for what I knew and could personally accomplish, I became more successful through leveraging my talents: aiding others to reach and obtain the solutions to their crucial business issues; as well as personally take pride, credit and ownership of the means and solutions; not just relying on my contribution. I also expect that Babson students, as I did, will learn that effective application of knowledge is the real power. I am pleased to have modified an existing annuity investment, naming Babson as the beneficiary, in order to provide support to future Babson students."

Gift Examples

  • Bequests
    Joe and Anna have been faithful supporters of our organization. They believe it is important to help further our mission.
  • Using a Beneficiary Designation to Make a Gift to Charity
    Joanne and her late husband Hal had been longtime supporters of our organization. Recently, Joanne's children encouraged...
  • Peace of Mind Gift Annuity
    Many years ago, Clara bought a home. Since she was very pleased with her home, she bought stock in the company that built the home.
  • Bequest of Insurance
    Marla and Wayne purchased a life insurance policy many years ago to create security for their children's future.